Democracy vs Epistocracy

Upon the release of Jason Brennan’s book “Against Democracy” an interesting question is raised. Ostensibly, it seems the very notion of challenging democracy is one that evokes such emotions it ought not be done. Yet perhaps our emotions play too large a role in analysing the prevalent system of government today. With the present political climate in mind, the increase in popularity of nationalist ideologies, the precarious situation that the majority of the world’s muslims find themselves in, and the surprise of Brexit, it couldn’t be a better time to question whether all voices ought to be equally heard.

It goes without saying that democracy or the indifference of the majority can lead to atrocities [insert Nazi comparison or extreme utilitarian thought-experiment for “positive” fear mongering], yet is an upheaval of our current system actually necessary or peacefully possible? It’s not like we could get the majority to agree to giving up their equality and importance – at least not if they knew.

Will democracy lead us to a dark place [again] or have we made sure manipulation of the ignorant is no longer a possibility?

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